by Candace Pezzuti      



Feather quality comes in two forms. One is called a buff and the other is called a yellow. An experience breeder will know just by looking at the bird.  One can also hold the bird in his/her hand and will feel the feather softness, as to whether or not, it is a buff or yellow bird.


A buff bird will have a wider feather type with white edging at the tip of the feather.   The color depth of a buff is not as intense as a yellow.


A yellow ,will be narrower  in feather and will have no white , the color will run to the tip of the feather. The feather will look shiny and tighter than a buff.


But, what about the bird that is said to be, High Buff. This term as been used by

experience breeders to explain the shine around a birds neck  to indicate a bird, that is buff with a yellow tendency?  Some breeders will tell you that birds come in all mixes of feather quality. That is true. But, that does not mean they are true show quality birds.  


A good buff bird, will have good type, depth of color and will have no shine around its neck.  A bird, is either buff or yellow there is no in between for a show bird.


A good yellow bird ,will have good type, intense depth of color, that will shine as though it were polished. It will not, have a washed out color or loose



So, when pairing your birds for breeding or purchasing new stock look at the bird. Is it really a good representation of what you are looking for in feather quality.


There is no such thing as a High Buff Bird, simply, that bird is a poor quality yellow.


Famous breeders such as Nick Barrett  of England and Kris Claes of Belgium knew that feather quality was as important as type, in your stud.  Their birds, are still winning today because of the type and feather quality they bred into their lines. Remember, what Alain Nottet said to me last year at the national...its good advice so pass it on.  


“A bird, is either buff or yellow, “there is no in between for a show bird.