It may be of some interest to readers to learn how various seeds can be used for medicinal purposes.

CANARY (Pharlis canariensis) Principal item of diet, birds kept in warm places need little else. Provides muscle (Nitrogen) and heat (Carbon). Husk provides fibre for stimulation of Alimentary canal, also phosphorus and iron for vigour.

RAPE (Prassica Campestris) CANOLA. Of great value to most seed eating birds, but should be used in moderation or it will produce diarrhoea. Rich in magnesia, lime, potash and phosphoric acid. Summer rape if sweet, winter rape is somewhat bitter. One of the oil seeds.

SUNFLOWER (Helianthus). Primarily used for parrots and similar birds. When crushed may be used for canaries during colder months of the year. Rich in oil, high in protein.

TEAZLE (Dispacus sylvestris). Natural tonic and has plenty of nitrogenous matter. Should be used sparingly.

HULLED OATS Fattening. Enjoyed by canaries but should be given in limited amounts.

MILLET Valuable where birds have been fed too much fat and rich foods as it exercises the stomach and gives nutriment.

MAW (Papaver Sonniferum). Maw or poppy seed corrects constipation and also looseness of bowels. Readily digestive and forms fine preparation for eating harder seeds, thus young birds are started with it. The seed (but not the plant) is free of opiate. Fresh seed contains oil.

NIGER (Verbisena Sativa). Stimulating, restores song lost through disease, maintains health and enriches plumage. Damage husks causes oil to become rancid and too much of this causes liver trouble.

LETTUCE Cooling and cleansing. Reduces fatness. Definite purging action. Good for wheezing and voice troubles because of its tonic effect on the whole system. Contains potash, soda, lime, magnesia and also considerable iron and phosphorus.

ANISE (Pimpinells Anisu). Relieves gas in stomach and intestines and is a fine stimulant. Contains a beneficial volatile oil.

LINSEED (Linum Usitatissimum). Gives gloss to plumage. In moult is good for respiratory organs, strengthens system. Use sparingly.

GOLD OF PLEASURE (Camelina Sativa). Tightens and glosses plumage. Forces hens into breeding condition. Excessive use affects stomach. Has plenty of sulphur.

GRAIN OF PARADISE (Amomum Grana Paradisi). Splendid remedy for diarrhoea. Also used as a general tonic. Must be ground to produce satisfactory results.

SESAME (Sesamum Indicum). Valuable as change in food in winter months. High in fats and oils. Should be used sparingly.