Grizzle photos


A Guide to Breeding Grizzle

by Barbara Gray


The best pairing for a grizzle I find is a clear bird, anything other gives you less grizzle, even the smallest of dark ticks on a bird reduces your chance of producing grizzle.

My favorite pairing is a buff to a short feathered clear white, it helps control the feather and better yet you can get hopefully a white grizzle, the ultimate grizzle I think.

When you don’t have a clear bird to pair with your grizzle use as clear a bird as you can find, many of the chicks from a grizzle pairing I believe may inherent the grizzle gene so hang on to them if they’re of good type, they can surprise you and give you grizzle chicks when you least expect it.

Try to control the feather and stay away from overly soft feathered grizzle and washed out color, using a white helps with that, myself I try to keep the feather dense and mid length.

My first grizzle came from a blue/white consort bred to a light buff variegate hen, what a nice surprise !


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