Our Club here in the United States is dedicated to all those who came before us.  The IGBA in England is the Mother Club to the IGBA -US Chapter. We were founded in the late 1960's by Mark Whiteaker and Harold Sodamann here in the United States with the help of Gerry Wolfendale in England.
IGBA-USA is the Host Club to the National Cage Bird Show held every year in November.
We Provide Rosettes and Certificates for Best Corona and Best Consort at the National Show.
We also will provide certificates to all Local Clubs that request them. Mark Whiteaker coined the phase .....
" When you think about Glosters......Think IGBA".
We extend our passion and love of this bird in our aviary to all those around the world to join us in sharing information. Below are the minutes of the IGBA in England held on their Silver Jubilee.